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Beware Corona has not gone. We should not become “Casual” or “Relaxed”. It is important for all of us to understand the seriousness and magnitude of the present COVID -19 situation. We have to combat COVID – 19 amidst the unlocking of economy and upcoming festive season. When we are weak virus is strong. It is festive season. Crowding is the most serious source of infection.

Remember the three W’s:

Wash your Hands – wash frequently with soap

Wear your Mask- when with people not in your household.

Watch your Distance - stay more than 6 feet apart from people not in your household, preferably outdoors.

Appropriate behaviour for the precaution and spread of the COVID–19 pandemic should be

right way of :
  1. Wearing Mask
  2. Washing of Hands
  3. Following Social & Physical Distancing



Together we will win this fight against COVID-19 pandemic.