The ability of a child will be tested during the academic year by periodic tests / examinations. There will be two regular examinations, half yearly and final.

Re-examination / test will not be taken if a student remains absent in any examination / test for any reason what so ever.

Promotion will not be given ONLY on the basis of final examinations. Promotion can not be claimed as a matter of right. The decision of the Principal with regard to promotion is final. Promotion to the next class depends on the student's performance through out the year. All examinations, class tests, CO-CURRICULAR activities, conduct, etc. will be taken into consideration at the time of promotion. Minimum attendance of 75% of the total number of working days will be required for a child to be promoted. A student caught using any unfair means during the examination will be expelled for the rest of the examination and he / she may be detained or dismissed.

Progress report will be issued after the examination. After going through the report, the parent is to sign and return it to the class teacher within 5 working days. Thereafter the same can be deposited at the School Office counter with a fine of Rs. 10/-. The child will not be allowed in the class till he/she submits the report card.

The school raises its funds for day to day expenses from the parents/ guardians on different heads. The school fee may be enhanced from time to time depending on the financial requirement of the school.

The parent/guardian should be able to pay the fees decided by the management of the School from time to time.

The parent/guardian can withdraw his / her ward from the school in case it is not possible to pay the school fees.